On Tap

- Abbey Tripel - Pub & Growler Only

Also known as a Belgian Pale Ale, this beer has a full bodied mouthfeel and sweet flavour that is augmented with fruit and a consecrating spicy bitterness.  

8.3% Alc

- Black Pilsner - Pub & Growler Only

Black coloured with brown highlights. Aroma of black tea, toast, and roasty sweet. Tan head. Misleading medium body. Strong chamomile flavour although minimal on aroma.

5.9% Alc

- Dry Stout - PUB & GROWLER ONLY

The roasty nature of this dry black brew boosts the coffee and molasses aroma. A deep tan head covers the black through and through colour, with hints of citrus and black currant

6.5% Alc

- Pale Ale - Pub & Growler Only

Straw yellow in colour and highly approachable.  Hoppy nose of citrus rind and candy. Light body with a punch of resiny hops.  

4.5% Alc

Arctic Kölsch

Lighten up with this clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer. Best to cool you down on a summer’s day. Pale gold colour, fresh bread aroma. Come over to the light side, lager drinkers welcome.

4.5% Alc

Berry Ale

A kick in the pants… or skirt. This best selling beer is medium-bodied and fermented with real raspberries to create a complex and delicate brew.

7.0% Alc


If your wish is for hops, then this is your genie in a bottle. Awesome aromas of citrus, pine and fruit, finished with heaps of hoppy bitterness. 

6.8% Alc

Legacy Ale - Barley Wine

Michael Williams, heritage conservationist, philanthropist, and businessman, pioneered the development of the derelict part of Old Town Victoria. This ale was brewed in tribute to Michael Williams’ life, legacy, vision and determination in the restoration of Old Town Victoria.


11.7% Alc

Riley's Scotch Ale

Take a hops sabbatical and visit this malty beast of a brew. Dark, caramel aroma with a subtle sweet finish. Rich and delicious, begging for a steak dinner.

8.0% Alc